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ringgirl (Officer) 4/17/2008 9:57 AM EST : EQ2 Harvesting Chart

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Tier Node Type Common Resources Rare Resources
Tier 1
Animal Den rawhide leather pelt, deer meat waxed leather pelt
Bushes raw white tea leaf, jumjum
baubbleshire cabbage & black coffee bean
Fish sunfish & frog leg none
Gemstone rough malachite, lead cluster rough lapis lazuli, copper cluster
Metal Ore leaded loam, tin cluster solidified loam, bronze cluster
Roots root yarrow
Wood severed elm severed alder
Tier 2
Animal Den tanned leather pelt, vulrich meat & elephant meat cured leather pelt
Bushes raw black tea leaf, murdunk orange,
raw carrot & antonican coffee bean
Sisal Root
Fish freewater grouper and raw crab meat none
Gemstones rough turquoise, electrum cluster Rough Coral, Silver Cluster
Metal Ore salty loam, iron cluster alkaline loam, Blackened Iron Cluster
Roots tuber strand Sisal Root
Wood severed maple Severed Bone
All Imbuing material: Glowing
Tier 3
Animal Den boiled leather pelt, lion meat & pig meat cuirboilli leather pelt
Bushes oolong tea leaf, fayberry,
sweet onion & steppes mountain bean
dandelion fiber
Fish seafury mackerel & thicket crayfish none
Gemstones rough agate, gold cluster rough jasper, palladium cluster
Metal Ore pliant loam, carbonite cluster malleable loam, steel cluster
Roots belladonna root dandelion fiber
Wood severed ash Severed Fir
All Imbuing material: Sparkling
Tier 4
Animal Den etched leather pelt, bear meat & griffon meat engraved leather pelt
Bushes green tea leaf, wild apple,
cucumber & everfrost ice bean
oak root
Fish murkwater carp & shark fin none
Gemstones rough opaline, velium cluster rough opal, ruthenium cluster
Metal Ore supple loam, feyiron cluster ductile loam, feysteel cluster
Roots tussah root oak root
Wood severed briarwood severed oak
All Imbuing material: Glimmering
Tier 5
Animal Den strengthened leather pelt, wyrm meat & owlbear meat augmented leather pelt
Bushes pu-erh tea leaf, white peach,
browncap mushroom & lavastorm robusta bean
figwart root
Fish nerius trout and cauldron blowfish none
Gemstones rough bloodstone, diamondine cluster rough ruby, rhodium cluster
Metal Ore bonded loam, fulginate cluster fused loam, ebon cluster
Roots ashen root figwart root
Wood severed teak severed cedar
All Imbuing material: Luminous
Tier 6
Animal Den stonehide leather pelt, sabertooth meat & caiman meat scaled leather pelt
Bushes darjeeling tea leaf, prickly pear,
artichoke & maj'dul coffee bean
saguaro root
Fish conger eel, tiger shrimp none
Gemstones rough nacre, beryllium cluster rough pearl, vanadium cluster
Metal Ore soluble loam, indium cluster alkali loam, cobalt cluster
Roots succulent root saguaro root
Wood severed sandalwood severed ironwood
All Imbuing material: Lambent
Tier 7
Animal Den horned leather pelt, aviak meat & ravasect meat dragonhide leather pelt
Bushes xegonberry, squash
soaring coffee bean, sweet chai tea leaf
nimbus root
Fish flying fish none
Gemstones rough topaz, azurite cluster rough moonstone, acrylia cluster
Metal Ore porous loam, adamantine cluster spongy loam, xegonite cluster
Roots hanging root nimbus root
Wood rough lumbered rosewood rough lumbered ebony
All Imbuing material: Scintillating
Tier 8
Animal Den* bristled pelt hidebound pelt
Bushes torsis tea leaf,raw cranberry,
raw succulent petal & cabilis cocoa bean
mantrap root
Fish barracuda, king prawn none
Gemstones deklium cluster, rough kunzite tynnonium cluster, rough fire emerald
Metal Ore ferrite cluster, mineral salt loam incarnadine cluster, silicate loam
Roots lichenclover root mantrap root
Wood redwood lumber mahogany lumber
All Imbuing material: Smoldering
Notes * T8 meat is no longer in the den nodes

Tier 9
Animal Den* mottled pelt spotted pelt
Bushes caynar nut, lapsang tea leaf,
marr cherry, kejekan palmfruit
toxnettle root
Fish giant octopus meat, seahorse roe none
Gemstones quicksilver cluster, amber kaborite cluster, ulteran diamond
Metal Ore titanium ore brellium ore
Roots bamboo shoot toxnettle root
Wood sumac lumber eucalyptus lumber
All Imbuing material: Ethereal
Notes * T9 meat is no longer in the den nodes
* There are no loams in T9

Where to Harvest

Tier Minimum Skill Trivial Skill Zones
Tier 1 1+ 32 Queen's Colony, Outpost of the Overlord, Greater Faydark (The Nursery and main areas), Darklight Wood (East), Timorous Deep* (Chrykori Isle and Gorowyn's island), The Forest Ruins, The Caves, Oakmyst Forest, The Peat Bog, Ruins, The Graveyard, Sunken City, The Sprawl and Frostfang Sea*
Tier 2 20+ 95 Antonica, The Commonlands, Greater Faydark (east side), Darklight Wood (West), Timorous Deep* (Mok Rent's island) and Frostfang Sea*
Tier 3 90+ 152 The Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, Zarvonn's Tower, Firemyst Gulley and Butcherblock Mountains
Tier 4 140+ 221 Enchanted Lands, Zek, the Orcish Wastes, Cove of Decay and Steamfont Mountains* (north and west)
Tier 5 190+ 278 Lavastorm, Everfrost, Rivervale, The Feerrott and Steamfont Mountains* (south and east)
Tier 6 240+ 334 The Sinking Sands, The Pillars of Flame and The Lesser Faydark
Tier 7 See Zones 397 Tenebrous Tangle (250), The Barren Sky (250), The Bonemire (240) and Loping Plains (240)
Tier 8 340+ 410 Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle, Jarsath Wastes and Moors of Ykesha
Tier 9 See Zones 450 The Sundered Frontier (375), The Stonebrunt Highlands (375), The Hole (375), Great Divide (400) and Eastern Wastes (400)

* - Some zones contain resource nodes for more than one tier.

Characters: Melinna Triggerlilly Ringgirl

ufcguild (SuperAdmin) 5/27/2009 4:12 AM EST : RE: EQ2 Harvesting Chart

Posts: 187

Tier 7 Node Locator

Figuring out which island in KoS to hop to in order to find needed resources can be rough. Here's a quick cheat-sheet to help out. (Note that Loping Plains from the EoF expansion has all T7 node types, so the below only applies to the various islands in Kingdom of Sky, which has clear divisions of node types in many areas.)

Tenebrous Tangle

Zone Den Fish Ore Roots Shrub Stone Wood Notes
Bixie Isle X X many heroics
Breeding Grounds X X X many see invis heroic agros
Fear Tainted Isle X X many heroics, much agro sharing
Gazer Isle X X X many nonheroic agros
Ravasect Incursion Point X X 60-61^ agros
Temple Grounds X X X X lowest-level of all KoS areas
Vultak Scavenging Site X X many patrolling agros

Barren Sky

Zone Dens Fish Ore Roots Shrubs Stones Wood Notes
Blackwind Isle X X X X X X see invis agro
Cloudmist Isle X small isle, much agro
Isle of Aversion X X
Isle of Awakening X X X X X X X
Isle of Desolation X X X X X X
Isle of Discord X X X X X X
Isle of Eaglewatch X
Isle of the Guardians X X heroic agro
Isle of the Watchers X X
Prisoner's Isle X see invis agro
Strifewind Isle X X X X X X
Whisperwind Isle X X X X X

The Bonemire

Zone Dens Fish Ore Roots Shrubs Stones Wood Notes
Cacotoxic Stain X X X X X X
Carrion Briar X X
Drednever Crash Site X X X X X X many droag see invis
Halls of Fate X X See invis agro all over
Isle of the Ravasect X X X X X 'ware stealthed agro mobs!
Shattered Weir X X X X X X


ufcguild (SuperAdmin) 5/27/2009 4:17 AM EST : RE: EQ2 Harvesting Chart

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Harvesting Tools Quick Reference

The below information reflects minor changes that were made to harvesting tools and speeds with the release of GU44.

Harvesting tools reduce your harvesting time, and some can also improve your harvesting skill. Just how does that work, though, and which tools are right for you?

Basics for All Tool Types

  • Harvesting attempts have a base speed of 5 seconds. The minimum speed you can obtain from any combintion of racial abilities, casting speed abilities and tools is a hard cap of 2.5 seconds
  • Harvesting tools must be attuned
  • Right-click on the tool from within inventory and select Use in order to obtain the harvesting buff for that tool, or select the Auto Consume option to have it re-apply the buff every time it wears off. (Tools must be in bags and attuned for this to work.)
  • Should you wish to remove the buffs for any reason, such as clearing buffs spots before a raid, the buffs can now be removed
  • Harvesting tool buffs will now persist upon death

**While the buff was originally a 24-hour buff when GU44 was released, it was hotfixed on April 14, 2008 to be a 10-day buff. This makes it less hassle for players, while still allowing it to be clicked off for raiding purposes and such.

Woodworker Crafted Tools

Use of these tools are currently based off adventuring or crafting level (whichever is higher), and there is one tool per harvesting skill. Tools are available in tiers 3-6 and tier 8.
  • Shovel - reduces gathering speed
  • Pick - reduces mining speed
  • Trap - reduces trapping speed
  • Net - reduces fishing speed
  • Saw - reduces foresting speed
WoodSpeed reductionAdventuring
Level to Use
Ash0.5 sec20
Briarwood1 sec30
Teak1.5 sec40
Sandalwood2 sec50
Redwood2.5 sec70
Tinkered ToolsTinkered tool use is based on your crafting level. There are three tools, with some combined uses for each.
  • Automated pick - reduces mining speed, increases mining skill
  • Automated shears - reduces gathering and foresting speed, increases gathering and foresting skill
  • Automated watersafe net - reduces fishing and trapping speed, increases fishing and trapping skill
NameSpeed reductionCrafting
Level to Use
Miscalibrated1 seconds30
Calibrated1.5 seconds46
Overclocked2.5 seconds66


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